Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Logs of Wednesday 29th March 2017

6300 @ 1747 LFR - 44444 (Signal Reported In NL), "Shame Shame Shame" by Shirley & Company, "The Seeker" by The Who (monitored via Twente SDR)
1611 @ 1923 Twentana - 34434 Dutch chat and ID via the Chat, Dutch music, "Kufsteiner Lied" by Leni & Ludwig
6220 @ 1930 Laser - 35434 "My Favourite Waste of Time" by Owen Paul
1655 @ 1953 Relmus - 35434 "I’m on Fire", Bruce Springsteen, with Wadloper - Wadloper ID jingles, Relmus speaks
1638 @ 2121 Noordzee - 35434 In QSO, reporting to other stations, in Dutch, ID

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Logs of Tuesday 28th March 2017

6265 @ 1747 Casanova - 45434 "Living Next Door To Alice" by Smokie, "Son Of My Father" by Chicory Tip, ID and chat in Dutch
6220 @ 1752 Laser - 35434 emaill address for reception reports, "Let Your Love Flow" by The Bellamy Brothers
6210 @ 1900 Merlin - 25333 ID, DJ chat in English, "15 Years" by The Levellers
1645 @ 1908 Odynn - 24232-3 "Meisje In Je Spijkerbroek" by Cees Alleen, ID given in Chat
1630 @ 1910 Marianne - 35434 ID and chat in Dutch, Dutch music, "You're My Girl" by Roy Orbison
6290 @ 1920 Ronnie - 24222 "Eight Days A Week", ID given on Chat
1623 @ 2012 Napoleon - 34434 ID and talk in Dutch, "Jambalaya" by Jo Stafford

Monday, 27 March 2017

Logs of Monday 27th March 2017

1635 @ 2051 Ruisbreker - 2-34333 "Het Soldaatje" by Zangeres Zonder Naam, ID given by Op in Chat
1629 @ 2054 Bluebird - 35444 Familiar voice of Op, "Droom In Duigen" by Jan Smit
4029 @ 2058 Laser - 24322-3 "Let me Be The One" by Five Star (Philadelphia Mix)
1617 @ 2105 Digitaal - 35434 "Man of Action"by Les Reed Orchestra, Voice of Op in Dutch, music again and CD
1611 @ 2119 Atlantis - 23332-3 Dutch talk, 1-2 test, ID and "Robbie's Polka" by Frankie Jankovic, "Wonderful Land" by The Shadows

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Logs of Sunday 26th March 2017

6220 @ 0912 Laser HH - 35434 "Be With You" by The Bangles, Laser ID jingle, "Change" by Sugarbabes
1647 @ 1849 Barones - 35434 Baro ID, "Ik Wil Jou" by Polle Eduard, "Sacramento" by Middle of the Road
1619 @ 1854 Uniek - 2-35333 "'N Beetje Liefde" by Frans Bauer, ID given by Op on Chat
4029 @ 1859 Laser - 24222 DJs chatting to each other, "Deeper & Deeper" by Madonna
1636 @ 1902 Keizer en Keizerin - 24222 Chat and ID in Dutch, "Gondoli, Gondola" by Caterina Valente, peaks at 35333
3940 @ 2004 Underground - 35434 "War" by Bob Marley & The Wailers, "Auf Wiedersehn" by Vera Lynn, greetings to me
1670 @ 2021 Batavier - 24322-3 "The Longest time" by Billy Joel, ID given by Op on Chat, then long fade before returning again

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Logs of Saturday 25th March 2017

1615 2152 Spectrum FM (Zwarte Ridder on Chat) 35434 ID given by Op in Chat, "Geloof Me (Dat Dit Blijft Bestaan) by Bertus Sipma, SpectrumFM email
1633 @ 2214 Monte Carlo - 35444 MC ID and chat in Dutch, greetings to a listener in Chat
1638 @ 2235 Noordzee - 34434 Reporting to another station, ID and Dutch music
1655 @ 2240 Digitaal - 35444 ID and reports to MC in a QSO, Dutch music, ID, "As De Beune Weer In Bleui Staot" by Ben Ten Donkelaar

Friday, 24 March 2017

Logs of Friday 24th March 2017

6220 @ 1233 Laser - 35434 "Fields of Gold" by Sting, "Saturday Love" by Cherelle ft. Alexander O'Neal
3940 @ 2036 Mustang - 35434 "Caroline" by The Fortunes, "Milk and Alcohol" by Dr. Feelgood, chat in Dutch
1655 @ 2042 Relmus - 35333 ID and chat in Dutch, With Wadloper, Dutch music, "Monza" by Ferrari @ 2051
3920 @ 2046 SWR00 - 35333 "Englishman in New York" by Sting, Id from the Chat
4029 @ 2049 Laser HH - 35434 Chat in English, "Strike It Up" by Black Box
1620 @ 2100 Sterrekijker - 35434 ID and chat in Dutch, "Jambo Sana" by Mario Mathy
They don't make radios like they used to...

The Grundig Satellit 2400 was made from 1979 - 1982 and is an all transistor stereo receiver that can be operated from the internal mains power supply, with batteries or with a rechargeable unit.

The dimensions of 59 x 29 x 12 cm make it one of the biggest radios made by Grundig and without batteries, it weighs around 7.4 kg .

I found this example a few months ago. As far as I can make out, everything works well, although the bass has a tendency to distort if the control is turned too high. I gather this is a known problem with some of these sets. Otherwise all the lights work, the controls are all in place and it is clean and tidy. The aerial is intact and straight. 

The Medium wave section works well and seems sensitive. The MW sections tunes up to 1638 kHz on this set and uses the ferrite rod at these frequencies. (Useful for Dutch free radio stations). The SW section tunes from 1620 kHz on the telescopic rod antenna. The SW is about the same as other sets that I own, although the aerial is a whopping 1.4 metres long and that helps to pull in the distant stations!. 

SSB can be clarified with the BFO/SSB control, but this is not especially stable and tends to drift a little. I wanted the set to listen to broadcast stations anyway. 

FM works well and the set has a good sound if the bass is kept under control. The front of the radio includes a large analogue display and a small digital readout (which seems quite accurate). The tuning control features a larger quick tune rotary knob and in the centre is a dial for fine tuning.

There are plenty of controls to keep "button-twiddlers" happy and there are even some controls around the back of the unit. The rear has 6 preset buttons to tune in and store FM stations and a trimmer for an external antenna. 

Is this one of the "prettiest" radios ever made?